Scholarship for Schools

NASA Exploration Design Challenge 2013

  • NASA has released the education program for the students from kindergarden through class 12th.
  • It invites the students for to analyse and designing the solutions to keep safe the astronauts from space radiation.
  • It extended deadline date for the students to 28th Feb 2014.

Microsoft Imaging Cup 2014

  • It is a Games Competition for the talented students
  • The challenge of the competition is to create a PC game using windows or mobile game using windows phone
  • The selected team will get 50000 Dollars.
  • It is applicable for 16+, schools students and College Students
  • The Last date is 30th Apr 2014

17th Merit Scholarship Examination 2014

  • This is conducted by National Indian Council for school students.
  • The last date for submit the application form on 28th Feb 2014
  • The Exam Date is on 27th Apr 2014
  • It rewards Merit certificates, Educational Kit and Scholarship for one year for their higher studies.

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