NASA Space settlement contest is organized by NASA Ames and National Space Society (NSS). Students develop space settlement designs and related materials and sent to NASA Ames for judgement. All participants will receive certificate.

Description of Contest

  • Submissions must relate to orbital settlements. It must be permanent, relatively self-sufficient homes, not temporary work camps.
  • Settlement may not be on a planet or moon.
  • Designs, original research, essays, stories, models, artwork or any other orbital space settlement related materials may be submitted.
  • Submission must be student’s own work. Copy and paste is forbidden.

Eligibility and Selection Procedure

  • Students up to 12th grade (18 years old) from anywhere in the world is eligible.
  • Small teams of two to five and large teams of six or more are judged separately. Entries are also grouped by age/grade of the oldest contestant for judging. The age groups are 8th and under 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.

Important Dates

Last date for Submission: 01.03.2014

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